Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Ok, maybe finishing a painting of lemons in a couple hours while visiting with friends isn’t as easy peasy as one might hope, but it sure is a great way to “squeeze a bit more fun out of summer! It was also “refreshing” to try something a bit different with this group. Rather than walking them through a painting step by step, each artist chose their own color scheme and set up their own still life, so I just walked around giving them pointers. I really love how each creation is so beautifully unique (and there’s not a “lemon” in the bunch)!

Hitting the Beach!

Because sometimes you just need to travel somewhere beyond your reach!

Loved hitting the beach with these guys at their staff and friends paint party!

Melissa & Michelle 8-11

Creative Drew

8-11 paint party

pic 8-11 party

bwp group shot 8-11

Birch Trees

I’ve added a painting of birch trees at my daughter’s request. (Because the world can never have too many paintings of birch trees, can it?) If you have a painting idea that you’ve always wanted to paint or something that you’re dying to hang on your wall, by all means please share your thoughts with me. You can use the “contact me” page. Check out my “Painting Possibilities” to see the whole painting as well as other choices for painting parties.