Fun Art

Let’s Plan a Party!

Hosting a painting party is a fun way to get together with friends to celebrate a special day or make any day a special memory! You invite the guests to your home or business and provide the refreshments. I’ll bring the supplies needed for each guest to complete a fun, step-by-step work of art to take home at the end of your 3-hour party.

A Painting Party brings the art of gathering with friends to a whole new level. There’s something very exhilarating about making art. I believe our Creator hard-wired each of us to crave being creative. You’ll see what I mean when you dip your brush in luscious color and move past the intimidation of a blank white canvas. When you begin to see the work of your hands come to life before your eyes, you’ll know that anything is possible! Let me walk you past your doubts and unlock your creative side by simply having a fun brush with paint!

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