Spring into a Painting Workshop at the Library!

My hope for these classes is to give you the opportunity to explore painting as a form of expression while gathering some useful hands-on tools that you can take home with you to create paintings that express your own unique story (as well a finished piece of art to take home)!

We’ll touch on artistic concepts like using color to create a mood and composition to draw viewers into your story. While each of these deserves at least a semester full of classes to adequately cover the topic, my hope for this class is to simply open a door that will whet your appetite to learn more.  

As we go along, we’ll add some acrylic painting techniques to our tool belts (like laying in a ground; wet on wet; scumbling; alla prima; dry brush; and impasto techniques). You’ll have opportunities along the way to make your own choices that reflect the uniqueness of you, while still having the benefit of a demonstration and hands-on learning.

Check out my Sway for more pictures and information!

In February I had a blast leading a couple classes through the nuts and bolts of the acrylic painting process at workshops offered by the Spokane County Library District! For most of the students, this was their very first acrylic painting. Wow! I’d say their first brush with paint was pretty successful, wouldn’t you!?!

These events occurred in the past.