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Summer Garden

Yay, summer is here! I can’t wait to get out in my garden and paint! Life began in a garden, so what better way to kick off summer than with a garden painting! A summer garden is such a great subject to introduce basic acrylic painting techniques like wet-on-wet; scumbling; dry brush; and impasto. I think you’ll find walking through the process of designing a garden with paint is like a walk in the park (but even more fun)!

Now, wouldn’t it be fun to invite some friends over for a summer garden party (inside or out)?

Spring into a Painting Workshop at the Library!

My hope for these classes is to give you the opportunity to explore painting as a form of expression while gathering some useful hands-on tools that you can take home with you to create paintings that express your own unique story (as well a finished piece of art to take home)!

We’ll touch on artistic concepts like using color to create a mood and composition to draw viewers into your story. While each of these deserves at least a semester full of classes to adequately cover the topic, my hope for this class is to simply open a door that will whet your appetite to learn more.  

As we go along, we’ll add some acrylic painting techniques to our tool belts (like laying in a ground; wet on wet; scumbling; alla prima; dry brush; and impasto techniques). You’ll have opportunities along the way to make your own choices that reflect the uniqueness of you, while still having the benefit of a demonstration and hands-on learning.

Check out my Sway for more pictures and information!

In February I had a blast leading a couple classes through the nuts and bolts of the acrylic painting process at workshops offered by the Spokane County Library District! For most of the students, this was their very first acrylic painting. Wow! I’d say their first brush with paint was pretty successful, wouldn’t you!?!

These events occurred in the past.

Paint and Personalize a Fun Wooden Sign

Here’s a fun new addition for your paint party options – a personalized wooden sign!  This would make a great gift for someone on your Christmas list, or place it in your own home to greet your family and friends with a warm welcome this holiday season! (Any season for that matter… just let me know what you’d like to say and I’ll design a fun sign for you to paint with your friends.) The possibilities are endless!


Celebrating the Harvest season with a big, grateful pumpkin! Every season is the season to be grateful! I’m so grateful for so many blessings, not the least of which is the joy painting with a fun group of friends!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Ok, maybe finishing a painting of lemons in a couple hours while visiting with friends isn’t as easy peasy as one might hope, but it sure is a great way to “squeeze a bit more fun out of summer! It was also “refreshing” to try something a bit different with this group. Rather than walking them through a painting step by step, each artist chose their own color scheme and set up their own still life, so I just walked around giving them pointers. I really love how each creation is so beautifully unique (and there’s not a “lemon” in the bunch)!

En Plein Air

Painting “en plein air” (in the open air) is one of my favorite pastimes, especially in the summer months. It’s even more fun with a group of friends! I really enjoyed celebrating the first weekend of summer by painting bright red geraniums in a window box with this group of fun ladies!

Bible Study & Paint Workshop

A big thank you to the “Soul Sisters” bible study ladies for asking me to share about what the Lord has been doing in my life lately. It’s been an interesting year for sure! It’s not every day that you and your husband are sent home from the mission field because he has inoperable pancreatic cancer and then experience the miracle of a complete healing!

Painting is a great way to relax and let your soul recover from the stressful things we encounter in our world, but it’s really nothing compared to the awesome healing power of a risen Savior!

After we enjoyed painting a spring nest, we penned a bible verse in gold, “Fear not, therefore, you are of more value than many sparrows.” ~ Matthew 10:31

Let me know if you have a favorite verse or thought that you’d like to incorporate in a painting!

Kids Love to Paint!

Kids have a natural boldness and creativity that gives them an advantage when it comes to painting. Let them choose a subject they love, give them the opportunity, the supplies and the encouragement and you’ll have an artist in the making!

Add some color to their world!


Do you wanna build a snowman?

I confess, the little kid in me gets really excited at the prospect of snow! Since it may not be in the forecast just yet, a couple of my favorite snow-enthusiasts and I just had to build some snowmen with paint brushes! What a joy to paint with my granddaughters, Chloe and Lila! Who knew God could pack so much creativity and cuteness into such small packages!

dsc07746 dsc07748

dsc07750 dsc07751



5 Hour Artist Workshop


New 5 hour workshop option available for $40 per guest.

Get together with your artsy friends to share a meal and some laughs while you enjoy a relaxing day of art therapy!


Celebrate with a Painting!

Open a world of creativity while celebrating a special birthday. Contact me and together we’ll come up with a fun subject that your party kids will love to paint!

Kayla    Kerenna painting
K and K Kerenna


Shhh… It’s true.

Shhh… It’s true. Fall is really just around the corner. Painting autumn birch trees with these fun ladies tonight, made me realize just how quickly it’s coming!

Thank you Cindy and company for making my day with all your silliness! What fun to get out with the girls and laugh!





Painting Woodland Gardens

What could be more sweet than savoring the last rays of sunshine in a cool woodland garden in the middle of August? Imagine painting a scene to capture the moment with your best friends!




Hitting the Beach!

Because sometimes you just need to travel somewhere beyond your reach!

Loved hitting the beach with these guys at their staff and friends paint party!

Melissa & Michelle 8-11

Creative Drew

8-11 paint party

pic 8-11 party

bwp group shot 8-11