Hitting the Beach!

Because sometimes you just need to travel somewhere beyond your reach!

Loved hitting the beach with these guys at their staff and friends paint party!

Melissa & Michelle 8-11

Creative Drew

8-11 paint party

pic 8-11 party

bwp group shot 8-11

Fabulous First Party

“A Brush with Paint” is officailly off the ground with my first paint party today and two more scheduled this month. I had so much fun with this delightful group of ladies as we walked step-by-step through a painting today! It’s fascinating to watch each artist’s own personality shine through their work, making each canvas their own even though we’re all painting the same theme.

DSC07347   DSC07349

DSC07352   DSC07353

Thank you for inviting me to help you create a unique celebration for your duel Birthday Party!

Birch Trees

I’ve added a painting of birch trees at my daughter’s request. (Because the world can never have too many paintings of birch trees, can it?) If you have a painting idea that you’ve always wanted to paint or something that you’re dying to hang on your wall, by all means please share your thoughts with me. You can use the “contact me” page. Check out my “Painting Possibilities” to see the whole painting as well as other choices for painting parties.

Painting in My Garden

I love painting outside! It forces me to paint quickly and eliminate noisy details like petals and pine needles (one of my biggest challenges)! It’s so hard to shut off the attention to detail that’s hardwired in me, but when I’m outside and my light and shadows are quickly fleeting away, I have no choice but to focus on the big picture and avoid the dilemma of not being able to see the forest for the trees! Even if it means scraping a bug or two off my canvas, “plein air painting” (French for “open air painting”) always makes my day!

Yes, You Can Paint!

Hi there! I’m launching a fun new painting party business with the hope of bringing the art of gathering with friends to a whole new level. There’s something very exhillerating about making art. I believe our Creator hard-wired each of us to crave being creative. You’ll see what I mean when you dip your brush in luscious color and move past the intimidating blank white canvas phase.  You’ll start to see the work of your hands come to life before your eyes and know that anything is possible. Let me walk you past your doubts and unlock your creative side by simply having a fun brush with paint! ~ Shelley